No-Fault Divorces for Adultery

Speaking to a licensed family law attorney is one such step.

How to handle a cheating spouse in Texas

You will want to protect your family and your assets while maintaining some degree of normalcy during the course of your divorce. The most valuable aspect of your divorce, by far, will be that of your relationship with your children.

  • Understanding How Adultery Laws Work in Texas.
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  • How Does Adultery Affect A Divorce?.
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Beyond anything that you do in regard to property, your children will not care how much money you are able to keep or how much is split between you and your spouse. How you treated your spouse throughout the process, despite how you may feel towards them, is what your children will remember.

Did an adulterous Texas husband drive his wife to kill?

Whether your case ends like most in mediation or in a trial setting, effective and strong representation is essential. We seek to put you in a position where our experience coupled with your particular circumstances will lead to a positive result for you and your family.

Vital Factors

If you have any questions about this topic or any other in the area of family law please do not hesitate to contact our office today. A free of charge consultation with one of our licensed family law attorneys is only a phone call away.

Is Adultery Illegal in Texas?

Across southeast Texas, families have made the best of less than perfect situations with our attorneys by their side. If you have questions regarding divorce , it's important to speak with one of our Houston , TX Divorce Lawyers right away to protect your rights.

How to handle a cheating spouse in Texas

Our divorce lawyers in Houston TX are skilled at listening to your goals during this trying process and developing a strategy to meet those goals. Putting Our Clients First Every Time We believe in helping our clients transition through family law cases, as smoothly as possible. April 03, One of the most difficult and challenging aspects of a family law case is that they are, above all else, personal matters.

Spying is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to an unfaithful spouse If you believe that your spouse is being unfaithful to you it is human nature to want to verify your thoughts by looking into the situation in greater detail. What about putting a tracking device on their vehicle? What steps to take if you believe that your spouse is cheating on you Everyone is going to handle this situation differently. However, adultery may be difficult or embarrassing to discuss in court, and you should also consider no-fault grounds after infidelity.

With fault grounds, one party sues the other for divorce and must prove that their spouse did something wrong that lets them deserve a divorce. Instead, you allege that you and your spouse no longer get along or have already separated.

How to handle a cheating spouse in Texas

To file for divorce, you must have proper grounds for divorce, as listed in the TX Family Code. Most of these are fault-based, while 2 require no fault.

Since adultery is one of the fault grounds, you can sue for divorce and have it granted if your spouse cheated on you. However, proving the adultery may be difficult.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is often difficult to prove what happened behind closed doors. If your spouse or the person they cheated with is unwilling to admit to the affair, you may not be able to prove the adultery.

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However, any admissions your spouse made to you may be admissible against them alongside pictures, text messages, and other evidence. If you do successfully get a divorce on fault grounds, it may mean getting more than half of the marital property during property division. States' anti-adultery laws are rarely enforced, a vestige of our country's Puritanical beginnings, says Naomi Cahn, a law professor at the George Washington University Law School.

States with anti-cheating laws generally define adultery as a married person having sexual intercourse with someone other than their spouse. In North Carolina, adultery is when two people "lewdly and lasciviously associate. In practical terms, committing adultery poses very little threat of prosecution, but it could have civil consequences, such as impacting custody battles during a divorce, says Melissa Murray, law professor at the University of California-Berkeley.

  1. Understanding How Adultery Laws Work in Texas?
  2. How Can You Prove Adultery in Court?.
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  7. How Does Adultery Affect A Divorce?.
  8. Cheating on your spouse can even be grounds for losing your job.